MY FRIEND MARTA - a multifaceted artist working in Tenerife

20120516-225200.jpg 20120516-225211.jpg I sometimes have wondered if Marta's work in different mediums stems from her mixed heritage: Swedish and Hungarian with a sprinkling of Canarian. I really love her bronze work, which I came first to love at a show that I organised in London for the Galleria Collins. But, what really fascinates me are her mixed media portraits. First she takes time to get to know the sitter, taking various pictures as she goes along, basically until she feels she's glimpsed into your soul. Then her artistry begins with a magical mixture of oils from brush and hand.

Luckily she hops over to London once every couple of months for sittings so I get to see her if we coincide! - loads of gossip and midnight talks about every imaginable topic!

Her portraits start at €300 euros - such a bargain.

Stay tuned. Marta and I will be collaborating on a recycling project for Santa Cruz in August!