Rokit and Pandemonia - what a combination at 55 Pages

20120517-215710.jpg 20120517-215731.jpg

20120517-215754.jpg Excitement, excitement! Rokit hosts 2nd issue of 55pages and I am in LONDON! Guess who gets the exclusive on PANDEMONIA? I missed her at LFW, so it was heaven to catch up with her! So, she was 2 hours late and Mr. P was fuming, plus we got a bike ticket (yes, they pathetically exist), but was it worth it? Ooooh yes, yes and double yes! She arrived late, looking un-blushed and amazing in orange after a Vogue photoshoot in some unpronounceable country, and thanks to the divine Abby I got first questions!

Me: "How do you keep cool in all that plastic"? Pandemonia: "Keeping in the shade, water and not moving around too much".

Me: "How about recycling when you've worn your cloths too death"? Pandemonia: "Actually I'm really into recycling, I have 30 outfits and they are all in my wardrobe. I took 20 pieces to (unpronounceable name) for Vogue shoot".

Me: "Have you ever thought of going BRUNETTE? It's quite in vogue"! Pandemonia: "Actually I have A BRUNETTE, but blonde is more.... I am wearing my platinum hair this evening". Me: "Envy...I wish I could do these quick changes!

Me: "What would you take on a motorbike if you were only only allowed 1 thing"? Pandemonia: "A sidecar for my dog"?

Conclusion - too perfect! Damn, the ultimate woman.

Wow, we had a little bit more of a personal girls chat and I left. But, before leaving I had to check out the recycled Rokit vintage, which had some seriously cool shorts dyed in various colours for £18, as well as some really great tops for £20 - SOOO on trend! Just wish I had some decent legs!

P.S. Just a quick piece of gossip from the director of 55 Pages himself - the new cover for the magazine in September is going to be religious, feature a woman, plus land him in serious trouble! WOW, can't wait! Pandemonia features the latest issue of 55 Pages magazine in association with Rokit. 20120517-222715.jpg