Covent Garden, David David, Patternity - what's the common denominator? READ ON

20120520-120708.jpg 20120520-121016.jpg


20120520-120809.jpg A special treat for me is walking around London discovering new shops. So, when I found David David on Earlham Street it was rather like a rich chocolate cake on an empty tum! David Saunders’ renown geometric style is on everything from iPhone cases to pants!

The temporary shop is there until September and it is like falling into a kaleidoscope world - pattern, pattern everywhere. His hand drawn pencil designs are even on a chair designed by Glass Hill, which is featured in the Victoria & Albert's British Design exhibition that is on until the 12th of August, and not to be missed!

If you're lucky like me and catch David at the shop, he'll talk you through the entire collection! HE SEEMED quite excited about catching a ride on the BIKE, so if Mr. P obliges, I am wondering if he could be enthused to make some HELMET covers? I can't think of anything more delicious then being the envy of every ITALIAN biker when we hit ITALY later on this Spring!