My MOST favourite shop in LONDON now - Sex and Death in Seven Dials

20120525-085052.jpg 20120525-085027.jpg Yes, I want to carry Penelope Sacorafou and her Fox&Squirrel in collaboration with Guts for Garters shop in my motorbike's panier around the world!

It hits all my senses. It makes me cry, smile and lust all in one go, if that's possible for a travelled lady like me!

Both ladies, Penelope from Fox&Squirrel and Rachel Chudley from Guts for Garters, are pretty eclectic individually, so together with Sex and Death - their collaborative temporary shop on 20 Earlham Street in Seven Dials its explosive. The first time I walked in, Rachel was playing with her sweet pug right about where Cathy Pilkington's dog sculpture was lying! As I was processing the age of the canine creature so abandoned in sleep, Alex screeched, 'Aaagh, it's not real'! Pilkington's gargoyle is equally mind bending, which I love!

Around a huge bed there are rails ladened exquisitely with vintage finds interspersed with discovered labels by Penelope: Corlette London, Rainbow Winters, Magenta 8 and many more, as well one-off pieces by a few of my favourites including BEX ROX ,Vivien Sheriff, Beautiful Soul and a huge list of etc.

What else can I say? How about dirty perfumes on Saturday? Of course, that's not counting the serious Chanel vintage pieces mixed with an array of black Victoriana at the front. Death? Probably more like heaven to me...