Zandra Rhodes Forever! She steals the show at American Intercontinental University's Graduate Fashion Show

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Still hot, over 60 (I am collating) and very much working, Zandra Rhodes managed to out-stage Jodie Harsh and TV stylist Nick Ede at the exclusive 2012 Graduate Fashion Show of AIU on London's Brick Lane.

To really understand the incredibility of this woman, take a quick trip down to the Victoria & Albert Museum's British Design show and Ballgowns. She's in both.

Introduced to fashion by her mother who was a fitter in a Paris fashion house and teacher at Medway College of Art, Zandra was part of the 1960's scene. She opened a boutique called the Fulham Road Clothes Shop, where her textile designs were considered outrageous by the traditional British manufacturers of the time. Jewelled safety pins and tears were her trade marks in the 1970's punk era.

She is the founder of the Fashion and Textile Museum and together with her clothing and jewellery collections, it includes many collaborations - the latest and most popular is a handbag range made under license by Bluprint in 2010.

Zandra spends half her time between London and the US so I guess it's befitting that an invitation to hand out prizes to winning AIU London student designers was graciously accepted. The AIU has specialised in fashion for over 30 years and it offers degrees in fashion marketing, design and retail. They include summer courses in Paris combined with live projects, fashion shows and fashion shoots.


It was a great evening, although we got rained on!