Bedraggled and wet, I discover the brand Civic Duty in Maastricht

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Although I really love my NEW KIT brought all the way from a 2nd hand shop in The Czech Republic by Albert and Hannah, it doesn't keep me totally water proof even with a dollop of Mr. P's special leather cream.

So, slightly miserably I went on a hunt for shoe shops! Luckily I happened upon Fab Inc pretty quickly and surprise, surprise a new brand, Civic Duty. Founded in 2009 by American, Steven Weinreb, it's got a cool story. The colourful sneakers are made with Tyvek®, which is a recyclable and stylish paper material from DuPont. The company also donates 100% of the profits of one shoe style yearly to a social cause benefiting those in the United States.

Steven believes he can be successful and still be socially, environmentally and fiscally responsible.

These shoes are too cool, so I am sure he must be! As for the rain, well these sneakers are rain resistant but I am loathe to try them out. They are far too beautiful!