Glamour comes in shape of a hatted lady in Tauberbischofshein!

20120612-231825.jpg When the most all that you've seen in the day is groups of elderly boys on pushbikes (I am not berating them one iota), it's like a breath of fresh air to find some style. This very lovely lady posed for a picture, and on a rather grey day the sun came out!

Hats are an accessory that can truly add glamour and poise to any outfit. I love milliner Vivien Sheriff's unique new range of Britannia themed hats and headpieces, which are launching in Fortnum & Mason now, just in time for the start of the Great British racing season. Each piece from the Britannia collection encapsulates the colour palette of the Union Jack. The Britannia range is made up of three distinct styles: Calypso Britannia - a feathered Union Jack style head piece for £595, Union Jack – a Union Jack hat with feathers for £730 and Fleur Britannia – a Union Jack Fleur headpiece for £99.