Ganesh Clothing - 'Made in Italy', discovered in Tropea

20120805-153053.jpg While Mr. P was doing his onion thing, I found Ganesh Tropea. Having just opened in May this year, it's run by Mrs. Antonello Foto, who is a sweetie and encouraged (AS IF) me to try every piece of the collection she stocks!

Ganesh Clothing is now run by Nicholas Bargi in Milan. Grandson to the founder, Nicholas is still intent on keeping the brand 'Made in Italy' and is passionate about using the finest quality textiles. The shop in Tropea is fantastically set out and is the BEST of only 3 shops worth looking at...the rest being upgraded versions of tourist plastic fantastics.

Although it may be a wee bit casual for me - Ganesh's female collection is mainly shirts and pants, the fabric and designs just bowled me over! I managed to drag Mr. P away from the his heavenly bulbs to try on a shirt for our very own version of the AW60 print TREND!

Now it's just a question of convincing him that we need to wear our shirts out together! MATCHY MATCHY!