My FAVES on Corso Garibaldi Milano are 3!

20120807-235110.jpg 20120807-235141.jpg 1. Bagghy is a luxe leather line from Grazia Peletteria Bijoux, a Venice-based artisan company whose trade mark is the printed imagery on its bags. Having seen some pretty NASTY imitations worldwide, it's got to be said, the REAL thing is totally buyable! I LURVE the 60's icons range!



2. Surplus is one of those 'been around forever places'. Sadly this is the only branch remaining. The stock is a mix of surplus lines and vintage. I'm rather liking this light-as-air puffy jacket that can be squished away into its mini bagette!



3. ASAP is short for 'As Sustainable As Possible', and it certainly is: recycled, upcycled, naturally tanned leather and natural fibres. The team behind ASAP question the need for seasonal buying. They are justly proud of their Made in Italy mark of excellence and their men's collection is number 1 in my book. It marries style, flair, design and ecology!