Could my BAG odyssey be over? B.E. by Belen Echandia

20120808-125912.jpg 20120808-125945.jpg

After checking out the SPACE in Belen Echandia's new diffusion line B.E.'s Horizontal Tote that launched today, I think I might have cracked it!

Basically it's a tote that I need! I mean there is an enormous amount of space in the middle, which when opened, allows me to visibly fish out all the gunk that I carry about in a glance: iPad, makeup bag, keys, iPhone, 4 pairs of glasses, credit card holder etc...

It's got a metal half-ring for keys, a mobile/PDA pocket and an interior zip pocket that is great because I really secretly do like compartments, although I never remember what's in them when there are too many! Three seems perfect.

Then there is the manufacturing. Like Belen Echandia's bespoke range, the four bags developed for the diffusion range are produced by hand in a family-run Italian atelier.

Founder, Jackie Cawthra must have undergone a lot of heartache carting papers and things around  in her former legal career to come up with the design for these beauties!

So, I guess now I just need to worry about it fitting in the pannier whilst on the bike, as I can't see how I could ride with it on my shoulder! Ooops!