MY Love affair with shoes CONTINUES at LFW

20120914-210808.jpgPinucci founder Alexandra van Berckel

20120914-211153.jpg Kyra sandal in Aquamarine.

20120914-212907.jpg Mario, men's silver leather boot from The Ciccone collection.

20120914-213144.jpg Eva knee high patten women's leather boot with rubber inside zip-up boot shaft.

20120914-214126.jpg Design your own shoes at Upper Street

Pinucci founder Alexandra van Berckel let me into a secret. She's crazy mad about shoes. 'Aren't we all, Love,'  I purr...

Alexandra's talent for design has her preparing a twice yearly collections that are manufactured in Artisan workshops in Italy and Spain. Her shoes have a passing resemblance to Rayne - delicate and fabulously crafted, but the price range is somewhat more favourable at about £200 for heels.

Madonnas brother Christopher Ciccone is not only renown for the book on his sister -surprise, surprise, but he is a respected interior designer and artist. He fell into shoe design when approached by Czech shoe company, Novesta. Combining a classic look with innovative modern materials and O'Keefe's imagery, he was inspired to create a fall/winter 2013 footwear collection. I have to say I was truly impressed by The Ciccone Collection. The sharp three-dimensional effect emanating from the shoe comes from a layering process developed with Norvesta over months. I understand that this is only the beginning. Christopher is set to grow this into a whole lifestyle brand.

Sister team Katy and Julia are behind designing your own shoe at Julia deals with the internet side, while sister Katy who lives in Hong Kong, works with their manufacturing factory in Asia. It's a good model...and in 4 weeks you've got your shoe! They're waiting for App approval to make it easier on their customers to design online! With an office in North London and a main site stocked with examples and options, it's really not so difficult to get going!

They also have a rather nice option of gift cards, ideal for the boys to give as presents. So if a Mr. P is reading somewhere, this is a birthday present - especially with something sickeningly inspiring engraved on the inside of the sole.