Kaffe Fassett a world in colour

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Two minutes in Kaffe Fassett's head would be all I would ask for. A psychedelic trip? A painters palette? I just want a glimpse of his view of the world in colour. Although, with my addictive nature, I WOULD want more. Perhaps I should just stick to his intimate autobiography Dreaming in Colour. I haven't been able to put it down yet!

Born in San Francisco in 1937 and raised in the world-famous Nepenthe restaurant - a gathering place for artists, actors and other eclectic characters - he hit London in the 60s. He was a very, very handsome man by Marsha Hunt's account, who was at the press launch of his book at the Fashion and Textile Museum, and she should know. She used to sleep on the floor of his tiny studio when she arrived in London. Through patchwork, embroidery, knitting, textile and painting, he's unfolded his real world, allowing people he's met along the way to dare!

From the fashion perspective, his collaborations with Missoni and Bill Gibb are the most renown, although this fantastic coat made for Marsha Hunt (above) shows the genius of Kaffe's' colour.

There is a glimpse of a chance to meet the man and buy the book today at The Fashion and Textile Museum between 2:00pm and 3:00pm, as part of the Bermondsey Festival.

At just £25, it's got to be the cheapest post-LFW FIX!