KATE NASH - Girl Talk, 3rd album...Shhhhhhh! I've heard it!


Photograph by Christopher Dadey

I love a secret and KateNash's listening party at the the Colonel Fawcett on the eve of London Fashion Week was just that and more!

Kate Nash, just back from NYFW and DJ'ing at the Teen Vogue/Chloë Moretz party and wearing a customised Bora Aksu dress looked stunning, and mingled with the crowd in her usual bubbly way.

Then came the treat, getting all cozy, we all fell silent to listen to her new and much anticipated 3rd album, 'Girl Talk.' Upbeat and giving me a terrible urge to boogie, the new album delivers Kate's new sound, developed from her using the bass guitar as the centrepiece of her writing. The territory is creatively new, but her undeniable and unconventional lyricism is featured throughout.

Definitely one to get! Unfortunately it's due out on the 4th of March. TORTURE. BUT HERE is a little snippet to keep your mouth watering! Kate's new single:  3AM

Here's the full track list:

1. Part Heart 2. Fri-end? 3. Death Proof 4. Are You There Sweetheart? 5. Sister 6. OMYGOD! 7. Oh feat. Siobhan Malhotra 8. All Talk 9. Conventional Girl 10. 3AM 11. Rap For Rejection 12. Cherry Pickin 13. Labyrinth 14. You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky 15. Lullaby For An Insomniac