SOURCE - Combining Sustainability and Commerce

20130313-091849.jpg Managing Director and Founder of the Ethical Fashion Forum, Tamsin Lejeune presents SOURCE – The Global Platform for Sustainable Fashion. Based on seven years of work with fashion entrepreneurs and businesses, Source’s goal is to save the ethical consumer time and money, by making it easier to combine social and environmental best practice with commercial success.

According to Lejeune, SOURCE’s members, who range from global enterprises such as H&M to pioneering brands such as People Tree and Goodone, share a commitment to combining sustainability with commercial business goals.

The platform is made up of five different departments: SOURCE Intelligence includes reports, training materials, videos, market updates and resources to help ethical consumers and businesses unite social, environmental and commercial business goals. Meanwhile the SOURCE Database is the leading ethical sourcing and business database for the fashion sector. The SOURCE Network is an online community of fashion professionals, dedicated to sustainability. Members of the network range from designers to brands, retailers, suppliers, press and buyers in 127 countries.

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SOURCE Events are revolutionary online trade shows that broker connections between brands, buyers, press and suppliers all over the world, and finally SOURCE Consult provides unparalleled expertise through its pool of specialty ethical fashion consultants across a worldwide network.

As a social enterprise SOURCE aims to improve the livelihoods of 2.5 million people in the developing world, reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion sector and save time and money for business professionals breaking down barriers to sustainable sourcing.

The all around positive outlook at the panel was palpable with year-on-year metrics showing a growing interest in the sector and a slowing down in the overconsumption and fast disposal of the mass fast fashion industry.

The Message: Let’s get more green terms into daily fashion, let’s stand up for trade justice against the free marketer cash hungry rag traders, let’s send out the right message to consumers and call our moral tolerance into question in a day and age where sustainability, environmentalism and best ethical practice are no longer areas we can ignore if we want a better future for our industry.

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