HANDER SALON Panama + L'Oréal Professionnel = Maison Parisienne de La Coiffure - THE FINALE

20130406-163902.jpgModel Nayomi and Hander stylist Edison Tovar

Moisés Sandoya's 'Bergere' look for Hander Salon event was truly awesome, and the straw coloured hairpieces automatically transported one to a Millais painting. All associations are valid, even if they are totally different centuries. That is the genius of creatives, their ability to transport you somewhere else...


The piece was painstakingly constructed in order to take into account the weight of the hair and the model's frame. In this case the crinoline was made a little longer then its historic counterpart to allow for the fall of the wigs.

20130406-170614.jpg Moisés Sandoya, Hander stylists Axel Andersson and Edison Tovar, model Nayomi.

Then of course there was the body suit that had a very, very heavily padded bra, followed by the pinning of all the hairpieces on to it. OUCH!

20130406-171417.jpg Mr Hander and stylist Axel Andersson with model Nayomi

Each of the headpieces on the models was personally styled by Mr Hander himself making the FINALE pretty perfect and wholly unique!



All photos by David Sauceda