Milan Design Week -The Magazzini

Heineken cranked it up a notch at this year's Milan Design Week with a brand new space. Together with innovative design partners (Designersblock, PechaKucha, Cool Hunting, etc.) they showcased emerging designer talent.

Loosing a button on a shirt, skirt or jacket happens to everyone, and I have had my fair share of disguising the disaster with pins, brooches and even staples...VERY UNSATISFACTORILY.

Until NOW. Until tic!


tic is an ingenious button kit made from recycled plastic.

1) Take one tic from your tic® box. 2) Carefully press the point spikes through the underside of your shirt fabric. 3) Place your shirt button over the spikes, ensure the button is facing up, and completely close the tic until it makes a firm click. 4) Holding the button well, slide long end of the tic back and forth around the button until it snaps off.


It's easy, fast and ethical and will show up every toiletry kit in the world. MARK MY WORDS.

Foto by italian female biker legend Miriam Orlandi