Beauty treatments baffle me just as much as those rows of hair products on shelves promising wondrous results. So many too choose from, and which one is right one for ME?

'Invasive or not?' - is nearly one of the first things I am asked by Karen my beautician at the Sun & Body clinic.

Flipping heck, I surely understand where she is coming from, but I have promised to give myself a couple of more years tackling the issue with creams, massage and happiness! I'm waiting for it all to really drop before I go onto the real HARD STUFF!


I do think though whether Karen thinks I need it?

Quick as sticks, and detecting that I might be getting morose, Karen suggests me doing a trial combo of IPL and Radio Frequency for rejuvenation.

'Does it work with just the one session,' I ask plaintively. She is adamant that it does. So I agree to the trial not expecting a thing, Ms Doubting Thomas that I am.

How wrong could I be!

IT WORKS! And my face remains glowing, fuller and fresher for a couple days post treatment with people asking me what I have had done!

Pricing for this combo treatment at Sun & Body is $80.00, but Marie the owner has always got a couple of monthly combos on that reduce down to the overall cost.

Facial: 2 Facials 2 IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) 2 RF (Radio Frequency) 2 Peels Free hydration and silk threading $350.00


All photos by Tania Cabal