POLETASTIC - Teresa Carrizo

When fellow blogger Olguita Reyna suggested we should go for a trial class, I smiled and said, 'Sure', never for one minute thinking that it would come to anything! How wrong was I


Then somehow a couple of weeks later I found myself with my photographer Tania Cabal on route to The Pole Dance Studio fully armed with total coverage - long sleeved shirt, sports bra and long yoga pants, ready for a private class with Olguita.


Teresa Carrizo is a driven woman (a post to follow). She took up pole dancing five years ago under Elisangela Dos Reisin in Argentina, returning to open her own studio, which is the FIRST in Panama! She runs three 'drop in' classes a day (7.30, 18.00, 19.00), allowing time for a host of private and special event courses.


Yes, bad luck happens in threes! First of all, Olguita didn't show! Secondly, you need to wear shorts and a sleeveless top (for grip), and thirdly I was on the cusp of needing some waxing...HORRORS! So I did the class in a revealing sports bra & a pair of borrowed shorts! Noooo!

We'll believe it or not, it's flippin' FANTASTIC fun! Teresa certainly makes you feel at ease. She explains things clearly and enthusiastically and soon enough, she got both Tania and I doing four figures, ( they're not called positions because of the sexual connotations). It was unbelievable really, that I managed to do anything, considering the state of my weedy arms.

In fact the class goes so quickly because you're working so hard! I left the studio with a feeling of 100% achievement, although I did have achy arms for three days.


Classes cost $150 for 8 sessions per month.


Photos by Tania Cabal