Take your best features and make them pop!

The next installment of the video series with friend and beauty blogger Ileana, covers the all important 'your features' section. This is part two of our four section PROFILE PICTURE THEME. On arrival to Central America, I was mesmerised by the way people were able to transform themselves to 'star-like' in front of the camera. In fact, in some cases they looked even better than in real life. And I am not talking Photoshop or airbrushing.

Ileana was gobsmacked that the techniques weren't more prevalent in Europe. I must say that the couple of tips she has taught me are slowly bearing fruit.

Years of total abstention have taken their toll and I DO FORGET! SO PLEASE GET ONTO IT QUICK and find a quick remedy to all those botched FESTIVAL PICS!

Fashion and Beauty Secrets with Lupe