MARKETS NOT TO BE MISSED - Bazarki Sto Castro - CYPRUS - Part 1

20130507-230524.jpg I love markets. I always think there will be something waiting to be discovered just around the next corner...

If you go down to Limassol Castle in Cyprus on the second weekend of every month, you will find the quaint little sunshine dappled square infused with a rainbow coloured crew of local artisans and designers all selling their unique, weird, wacky and often wonderful wares at Bazaraki Sto Castro. From stunningly up-cycled organic lights, to handmade hairy flip-flops, the Bazaraki Sto Castro (literally meaning the little market by the castle) is a handicraft treasure trove, where leaving without having made at least one gorgeous little purchase is almost impossible. And the best bit – the market is run by beautiful people, with pure small business supporting, creativity promoting intentions.

The square is surrounded by a handful of little cafes and bars to revive in after all the shopping!