MARKETS NOT TO BE MISSED - Bazarki Sto Castro - CYPRUS - Part 3 - Daisy Jewellery

20130509-185002.jpg Snorkeling is something I came to late...never really daring to discover that other world underwater. When I did though, it was like a glorious treasure trove of Daisy's Jewellery.

It has to take something really different and unique to slow my lulled, meditative market meander down to a full blown halt, but when I saw the gorgeous Cluster Rings by Jewellery brand Daisy, my brakes were slammed on and I was stopped in my tracks. According to Margarita the designer, the spring/summer collection is almost entirely ocean inspired and features sun, sea and sand-infused island colours such as turquoise, white and coral pinks set against youthful matt gold and silver. Her pieces successfully merge playful seasonal themes and elements such as fish, mermaids and shells, with a palpable Mediterranean vibe...but definitely without jellyfish.