MARKETS NOT TO BE MISSED - Bazarki Sto Castro - CYPRUS - Part 4 - Love & Light

20130513-141313.jpg It came to mind how everything just works together if allowed. Discarded pieces such as driftwood, gourds, coconut and even plastic can be redesigned into something truly wonderful, by the right minds.


These stunning light creations by Love & Light are designed and made by brothers Navid and Sahand, who collect natural and recycled materials found on the beach or in the forest and use them in an almost spiritually artistic way to create beautiful lamps and light features. The collection is made up of a selection of bespoke one-off pieces, as well as the popular Doors collection that gives life back to unused wooden pallets and wine bottles. When you stumble across such beautiful art made from the heart with such good moral intentions, it’s hard not to open your wallet – especially when the prices are this reasonable.