It's Done! The 4 part video series on profiles with Ileana.


When I first approached Ileana on the subject of picture posing I didn't realize how much was involved! 4 videos later covering - "PROFILE- FEATURES-LIGHTING-BACKGROUND "-the science doesn't look easier, but I have got the headings!

I have finally understood that everyone has a better angle - video 1, & yes it's going to take me a while and loads of pictures to find mine but I am starting to see some obvious improvements.

20130520-200744.jpg Features are interesting I thought I knew mine eyebrows , cheekbones. but it's good to have someone else's take on it & of a different age group. I mean hair & skin never even figured in my book but as your years on the planet become more numerous THINGS DEFINITELY get CHANGED!

Lighting too was an eye opener I mean I have played around with pore minimisers for years but make up with HD & SPF well I didn't really figure out the importance that would have at all! Definetely light on the face is going to help the history of long nights.


Background too is going to need some more investigation too as harmonious contrast is going to be my mantra for the future!

My first video performances gave me a lot of feedback & we really had so much fun. I hope it gives you food for thought as it has me!,, But there were some styling secrets that I need to cover so Ileana Recommends & I will be back!!