Farah - The other half of Chajin Designs

The first thing I do as I step off the plane in LA is contact Farah. Farah is the other half of Chajin Designs, and is by her own admission a bit more Americanised. After all this gorgeous Panamanian has been based in California for 13 years.

We meet up for breakfast at the extremely popular Urth Caffé on Melrose to talk fashion and I quiz her on the latest and greatest, Westside.


When Farah is not designing with her sister Annie for their label Chajin Designs, she is an apparel design and merchandising professor at California State University, completely fascinated about consumer behaviour - the how and why people buy. She promises there will be a book as soon as she settles in at her new teaching post at the Art institute.


Both sisters are into recycling. Farah likes to shop in thrift stores and vintage boutiques, and she shares with me some of her FAVOURITE LA haunts such as Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland and Jet Rag. Farah promises to take me to the flea/vintage market, which happens every Sunday on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax. It's a great place to hunt for vintage and one of a kind pieces, and I really can't wait.

The fantastic Chajin Design print featured on the trousers and the jacket above was drawn freehand by Farah and then manufactured in different colours for the collection shown at 'Panama Fashion Week' in October 2012.