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1. The beast waiting to depart!

2. Lenita and I pick a pannier full of ‘GET NOTICED’ pieces for a weekend away, leaving plenty of space for some wicked heels.

3. The Lenita Inca dress is short but then I’ve managed to fudge it by grabbing some Cocoa Brown one hour tan from Marissa Carter and giving my pins a bit of a makeover!

4.-5. Mr P. has promised to take me for an Aperol Spritzer at sunset on the beach, prompting me to wear this matching Inca bikini underneath (just in case of an impromptu dip). But what to do with my fabulous Jerome C. Rousseau gold sandals? 

6. This Lenita sunset dress is made from 100% viscose – soft enough to sleep in, but also pretty enough for breakfast on the veranda!

7.-11. I normally only carry two pieces of swimwear – one to change into if the other gets wet, but with so many pretty pieces from Lenita and only three days to show them off, I grab three from her SS13 collection: Navy, Freedom and African Flower. Plus the dress, because I am sure Mr P. will be dragging me off to some newly found eatery. There is nothing quicker than a pair of wedges to elongate the leg and my Nicholas Kirkwood (bought in the online sale) do just the trick every time.

13.-15. On one of the evenings I know we will be tripping the light fantastic at La Acuarela – every one in the know eats there! So I have left this semi-transparent Seabed dress for the occasion. You never know, maybe Mr P. will take his eyes of the food for once. I will be teaming them up with my fave Melissa wedges – even Lenita has a pink pair!