River Island Sporting NEW TALENT - EUDON CHOI

About a year ago I asked Eudon Choi what plans he had for the immediate future. He said then that there was something big in the pipeline, but that he couldn't say what it was yet. When I heard in the spring about his collaboration with River Island, I realized it was this. Since then I have caught little snippets on Eudon's Twitter feed of one or two pieces from his 16-piece collection. 20130921-103429.jpg

Launched on Tuesday at River Island's Marble Arch store in London, I managed to tear myself away from the last day of London Fashion Week to check it out, the reason being, I had sneaked in a view of one gorgeous skirt from the collection whilst waiting for the PPQ show to start. It was pouring down, cold and miserable but this skirt, like a beacon, caught my eye.


The no, no combination of dark blue and black is actually one of my FAVORITES. It's sleek, chic and reminds me of YSL, and on top of that it's in leather so it really does rock and roll.


Arriving just a little after 5:30pm, I caught the introductory talk by Sarah Durber (buyer at River Island) wearing the mustard knit dress from the collection. She looked amazing. In fact, the knitwear pieces had given River Island suppliers a bit of  heartache to produce due to the quality and intricacy of the design, but they were proudly present too to see it finally on the rails. In fact both the leather and the knit in the collection are incredibly good quality for the high street. It didn't take me too long to pick out my FAVOURITE pieces. DEFINITELY the pleated skirt, the pencil skirt, the two-tone jumper and the silver moonwalker jacket...in fact it's very difficult not to go for the lot. Quite a number of the pieces are limited, so it's a good idea to get there fast, especially now that it's had a Grazia mention.