Help! Jennifer Young Needs a Name

‘How do I recognise her?’ I plaintively ask Rebecca, Jennifer Young’s PR. ‘Well she’s got red hair and amazing skin,’ she replied. Seemingly easy to spot then, or so you would think.

So as I sit (I am early for once) scanning the Whole Foods store entrance (where we have agreed to meet), I look for a Jessica Rabbit look alike – tall and bosomy. As it turns out, she is tall with skin to die for (RITA ORA style), yet as she wheeled her overnight luggage, I got a distinct sense that she was one of those people that had a clean soul, if you get my drift. Far from a Jessica Rabbit. Jennifer is staying in London overnight to promote her brand spanking new online magazine, Beauty Despite Cancer and her coinciding beauty range, Defiant Beauty.


The magazine with 30 writers on board covers beauty, fashion, experience and lifestyle. It was born out of her bespoke beauty range when clients that were going through chemo requested a beauty regime that addressed their issues. Faced with the frightening statistic that one in three women in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives, can you believe that nothing like this has ever been done before?

Now to the exciting part, Chemo Girl needs a name and Jennifer and her team are running a competition. I know that amongst my readers I’ve got some truly creative bodies, so tap into that imagination and send me a couple of names to put forward. The winner not only gets the honour and media attention from being on the Beauty Despite Cancer site – but will earn themselves a gorgeous array of Defiant Beauty goodies! Which are totally brilliant for extremely sensitive skin (i.e. biker dry).