TASH, TASH, TASH - Everywhere I see TASHES

So obsessed have I become about 'Movember' that I have been relentlessly scouring around for some way to get involved. In a very female way of course, and as my man is ready-moustached, there is no support needed there. Meeting Ellie Ingram from Bug has been the answer to my prayer. Her pieces are truly feminine, hand and UK-made and terribly reasonable, which means I can buy for friends and family.

I know it's a little way off until 'Movember,' but I am crazy about your tash pieces! Was this your way of letting us gals get in on the act?

I don't see why we should be hindered by our genes! There's definitely a tash revival going on at the moment and I couldn't resist getting involved!


Do you make each individual piece yourself?

I design and make all of Bug jewellery myself; that is the fun part. I wouldn't have it any other way! I have my original designs cast to keep my jewellery affordable and to maintain good production speed.

I love your La Discotheque collection is it 50/50 split? I mean who buys more? Girls or boys? There aren't many people out there going for unisex. Jewellery websites tend to cater for one or the other.

I made La Discotheque for people who love music...male, female, young, old, teenagers, granddads, rockers, ravers. It's for anyone and everyone! I didn't make any of the pieces with a specific gender in mind; they are simply my interpretation of iconic equipment and instruments. It definitely has more of a masculine edge than my other two collections but this doesn't mean that it's only for the boys, just as many girls wear it too. I think if you're passionate about music and you can identify with the pieces then that's what is most important.

What made you decide to create this collection? What is the background behind it?

The collection has personal significance as it represents a time in my life where music has completely changed the path in front of me. It symbolises a big change in my life over the past few years.


I hear that you have just been working on some new photo shoots and have just finished the promo film for La La Land Spring/Summer. Tell us about this. Also your Autumn/Winter collection for Chained sounds wonderful, what are your inspirations behind this?

It's been a crazy couple of months! I've done three shoots and one film and I'm really excited about sharing them with everyone. The La La Land short film is beautiful. It's a dreamy adventure of tea parties, toast and tree houses. The Chained Autumn/Winter shoot is equally as exciting, but has a darker edge. It's a fierce collection and is worn very differently from La La Land. The collection was first born after designing a wirework chained headpiece for a friend, and more recently it has evolved after I revisited a design for an armour ring that I originally drew three years ago whilst on a skiing holiday in the French Alps. Fierce but beautiful surroundings mixed with the essence of geometric Inuit culture laid the foundations for a string of new designs. The resulting collection now is a marriage of bohemian curves and bold geometric lines.


Will you be doing any shows?

I recently exhibited at International Jewellery London for the first time, which I will be showing at next year as well as the British Craft Trade Fair in April. I haven't got anything booked in for the rest of the year, but I have plenty to keep me busy; Christmas preparations are under way as well as fulfilling orders for new stockists and designing the new website.

Do you self impose a price limit on the brand, something you don't go above unless it's bespoke?

I don't tend to have a price limit in mind when designing and making a collection, I work better when there are no limitations set in place and I am completely free to create. The pricing comes afterwards, then in some cases if adjustments need to made I can alter the design accordingly. The designs in each of my collections vary in complexity and size so there is something to suit every budget. I work in silver and gold-plate, which means my prices are at the more affordable end of the fine jewellery scale. I like to think that it would be a treat but not something you have to save for months for! With bespoke pieces I often do a similar thing and offer a complex higher priced design but also a simplified version for a lower budget.