St. Jude, Halloween & Skulls

The day of the St Jude storm over the United Kingdom, I decide to FLY to London. To say that the passengers on the Ryan Air flight I was taking were nervous at 7:00am was an understatement. Although the fact that no one spoke about the weather (a truly British thing), was weird; except me of course - loudly and clearly to the grounds staff and the flight attendants, but I noticed that the passengers did all come to huddle around me to listen to the carefully worded replies.

The ride was bumpy, but I've had worse. In fact we got into Luton airport early and it was certainly an enormous relief to hear the airline's customary 'on time' fanfare. Although there is always this rather niggling thought that runs through my mind when I take Ryan Air - is time keeping more important than safety?

Hitting Luton in the rain and lugging suitcases in amongst a bedraggled crowd of desperate unaccustomed travelers when the there are no trains running and the buses are late, overcrowded and overbooked is really not the best welcome to the beautiful glittering city of London. I felt like a rumbling skeleton and nothing like these beautiful bejeweled skull key rings, cufflinks and bracelet from Deakin and Francis.

20131031-165113.jpg I did manage to get into Southbank three hours later, seriously ready for some TLC. Luckily I have been asked to review Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Cream and Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Soak, so what better time to try it?


In have to say that I am not great fan of a soak in the bath unless it's accompanied by candles and proper crystal, so a shower and a try out of Deep Muscle Rescue Neck & Shoulder Cream was my treat, and it was that. Despite the familiar name, Deep Heat Muscle Rescue has a completely different aroma to the one usually associated with it - the old, embarrassingly overpowering Deep Heat cream smell. The cream doesn't overpower with the scent of vanilla, rosemary and orange that it contains and it works amazingly quick, and the sponge applicator is a great idea for massaging the product in.

It is definitely one to pack for the winter months, if you don't want to jingle jangle like a skeleton.