Another female DUO - THE IN-LAWS

No, I have never met this combination before. I have met siblings or friends, but sisters-in-law? NEVER. Though judging by Isabeletta's beautiful range of accessories that includes bags, belts, jewellery and millinery, it so really works. 20140102-235258.jpg

Based in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Diana Montañes and Yurena Morales have in fact been incredibly good friends since their adolescence. The family connection came later, and their business idea started from designing medallions for the children in their family. This grew into headbands, jewellery, belts and now bags. In fact, so popular are their headpieces that they were asked to make the pieces for the GC Moda Calida 'Carmen Miranda' Croissier' catwalk show.


But I have to say what I love best and have fallen totally in love with is their jewellery. Bright and shiny, it's glamorous and beautiful. The girls design the pieces themselves and you can tell they have a penchant for retro glamour at first glance. The pieces are then made for them by an atelier with the finest bohemian glass, that they discovered on one of their travels.

They certainly make you dream. I will definitely need to sneak a couple of earrings in my case in order to compete in sparkle power when I go to MIAMI this spring!