France + Fruit + Beauty = Pomone

I have always loved apples and they always seemed to come from France when I was younger. Coupled with the fact that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away,' it figures that at some point in time the two would entwine in some wonderful way! Meeting Florence Sellin, a very petite and very French chemical engineer and creator of the Pomone Beaute treatment is a treat - you don't normally manage to get that near to the heart of a brand. 20140130-164940.jpg

Funnily enough, the idea of using apples from her native Normandy came from watching the Polyphenol in cider, AS YOU DO! I guess I am normally drinking it...But so is the inquisitive mind of a scientist.

The name Pomone, goddess of the botanical world, comes from a beautiful marble statue found in an 18th century castle just outside Deauville -pure, simple and elegantly feminine, and the true inspiration for the brand. image

At the moment there are five products in this totally made in France range with a selection of body creams and gels ready and waiting in the wings. Florence started the company in 2010 after successfully working at L'Oréal and Belcorp. This trajectory has given her the opportunity to see the luxury beauty market from the inside out. 'And do you know,' she tells me, 'that France produces 80% of the premium glass bottles for beauty you see on the market today.' I am astounded.

The products are fabulous and I am particularly enamoured with the Pomone Eye Serum, a cream-gel whose smooth and non-greasy emulsion you pat on night and morning to keep champagne eyes at bay! image

The terribly French Pomone Spray Mist is also a revelation - a spritzer without alcohol, it revitalises and plumps up a clean face and neck morning and night, or you can spray over make-up to set it during the day. It's clear bottle packaging stands proud, proving that the Pomone brand doesn't need to hide behind any bottle coatings to cover loose particles. I can't wait for the travel range to come online. It would certainly be fun not to always hide behind glasses after a long, distant flight.

Apple Polyphenols, Apple Quercetin, Apple Malic Acid, Apple Seed Oil, Apple Vegetal water...It's certainly a lot of apples; all of which I am now sure will make this seriously tired fashion face go away! image