Bejewelled Hands

I have lost quite a few gloves in my time due to the constant need of having to keep up with my 'social media habit'. I have tried those gloves with pads, but first and foremost they're not attractive and secondly, they're still cumbersome! So, welcome to the most fantastic finds in Paris, this last week:


The mesh and bejewelled fingers from Fräulein Kink are a sexy delight and don't need to come off for anything. In fact wearing these wonders are going to make so many more exciting things happen, that social media can do a bunk.

The next jewelled popsy comes from Maître-Gantier Georges Morand. They've been going since 1946 and are still a family business. With an infinite variety of styles from casual, rock, graphique and romantic, these delicious opera gloves cover all the bits you don't want on show and leave your fingers ready for your phone!