CABOODLES rolls out its new FALLiday Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, NYC

Cosmetic cases are not a new phenomena, but I really didn't know that they didn't come into play until 1986 when People magazine ran a picture of Vanna White (American TV hostess) using a Plano Molding Company plastic tackle box to house her make-up, and the idea to create a cosmetic case line was born. 20140209-192725.jpg

I have to say that I have always been a little envious of men with their tool kits, where everything seems to be displayed in an organised and findable fashion. And I have long wondered how I would be able to incorporate something like that into my hunt for the perfect bag! But, I digress...

20140209-193215.jpg Sitting on the floor of the fashion lounge at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week whilst the Caboodle girls opened up the new range taking me through the paces for The Weekender and The Ultimate 2-in-1 Organizer with their movable inserts, my mind was racing. Could this be the final deal for my computer/camera/phone and ever increasing cable kit? I know there is no way I would carry that much make-up on a trip, even in present jet-lagged, fashioned-out mode. But cables...? That is another story.

20140209-194703.jpg Caboodles carries 100+ products with something for everyone including a variety of Train Cases, Specialty Cases, soft sided “IT” Bags, Crystal Clear™ Vanity Organizers, Miniatures, and Classic Cases. New styles and patterns come out each season. Caboodles range in price from $10-$75 depending on the style and they're available at Walmart and Target.

I am sort of wondering if they just might not work as a handbag with my much-lusted MARISSA WEBB AW14 LOOK - seen at MBFW this week.