THE VISION - KTZ, White Show, Milan Fashion Week

The 'Golden Fleece', 'Joan of Arc'...a warrior woman in the waiting. This is what I saw when I turned the corner and found myself in the avant-garde section of the White Show in Milan: Kokon To Zai.


Having been so blown away by the KTZ Men's AW14 collection at London Collections: Men, I sadly arrived from New York and found I hadn't received a ticket for London Fashion Week. But actually it worked out really well because I was one of the privileged few that witnessed an event unseen before at LFW. Like me, there were hundreds waiting to see the catwalk from outside the main tent on the live streaming screen.

One-by-one the models loomed larger than life on the huge screen. There was a hush. You could have heard a cough. It felt like a biblical theme, as if I was taking part in the feeding of the 5,000, but this time we were being fed visually. It certainly felt like more than clothing. This was pure talent.


Although I felt the men's collection was more raw and stronger, there was enough in the women's collection to satisfy this wandering soul.

Fast track to Milan and the reason why I now know that I had to come to Milan, and that although my body is going through a meltdown due to the gruelling pressure of flight fatigue and various climatic regions, it completely dissipated when I saw the KTZ collection in the dark cavernous basement of 25 via Tortona, guided by Eugenia.


As I went through piece after piece of the entire collection of the jewellery, arm wear and clothing from the female collection, amazingly executed and with great detailing, it made me realise why I am so part of this 'KTZ Tribe.' His vision is of the now and the future and it has no boundaries, cult or religion it just IS, THE WHOLE WORLD!

To the Master: Kokon To Zai - KTZ!