A.I. Showroom, White Show, Milan

Being a touchy-feely kind of person, visual certainly can't be enough. Perfection comes in using all senses. So, entering the A.I. showroom in the White Show Milan is pure excitement. The space is curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili (architect, historian, writer and passionate about the applied arts), and Alessio de Navasques (curator and freelance journalist who's specialty is the mix of art, craft, and fashion), with particular emphasis on materials, finish and the story of emerging brands.

You can imagine that there are certainly some exciting finds and here are some of my FAVOURITES:


Camera Creativa - Carmela Lacerenza's accessories are entirely unique and handmade in Italy from inner tubes used from municipal waste. Carmela's poetic blossoming flowers and leaves on necklaces, earrings and bracelets have a slight air of Victorian melancholy, which I adore. The softness of the up-cycled material is quite sensuous and unique.


Shooting Bag 1981 is the brand of Alessandro Di Cola. He makes his bags as if they were a sculpture, but functional. His chosen material is aluminium. Inspired by the late 19th century hunting tradition, his first collection is about eight models in aluminium, with interiors in tartan, wooden handles and punch marks on the side, just how pieces of silverware once were.


Every Rachel Skepper accessory is designed in Australia and inspired by the traditional Australian Outback hat - updated and with a twist. It's manufactured by hand in Japan with the finest materials. Why Japan? Because her great-grandmother was the first Japanese immigrant to Australia and she spends her time between both countries with her brother (above) who is a performance artist and musician. (Rachelskepper@gmail.com)


Elizabeth the First is a tribal-couture collection by Dora Giannetti who has transformed her passion for travel, fashion and research into fabrics to bring about a brand that joins together East and West and old and new, as well as her own understanding of the female form. Being a curvy lady, she is passionate about designing pieces that work to bring about your best assets. My FAVOURITE piece (seen above) is a jacket that can be worn eight different ways!