MACROFEST PANAMÁ starts off with a POP - Part 1

The dynamic duo of the Arango twins: ex-model Adriana and architect Martha, who are both total art lovers, spent almost two months preparing a piece that includes over 500 corks collected from different bars and locals in Casco Viejo, Panama. These adorably pretty girls are passionate about recycling and by utilising cork as their medium they have highlighted the Alcornoque tree, which is in danger of extinction here. But there is a fab twist, thanks to the multi-talent of José Yau. Musician, photographer and audiovisual,  José produced a short that seamlessly works in conjunction with the piece and takes us through the story of the making. 20140311-154153.jpg

Intrigued to find out more about how this artistic exchange came about, I managed to get a hold of both Adriana and Martha to find out a little bit more about the work.

How long did it take from start to finish and how did the idea come about?

November last year we met up with José Yau at a friend's welcome party, which we had studied at school with. That night we came up to date with what each one of us was doing on the artistic front and in the conversation we started sharing anecdotes on our artistic discoveries.


I remember that Yau was interested in finding out how a piece of work is started and how it's reaches it's zenith, as well as the frenzied feeling that you live through in the process of its creation; and it was there and then that Yau proposed to us that he would like to narrate the process. And it was in that moment that we gave to birth to the idea of working on a project together.

Days later we met up again to continue talking and after brainstorming the idea, we concluded that we would document what we term 'un reto artístico', which is to make art with a material or technique that is not traditional and that we as artists had not experimented with before. That day we concluded that we would make a piece with wine corks.

All in all it took two nights of talk between artists to come up with the idea for this work.


Part 2 continues tomorrow...