Emerging designers at Macrofest's Popshop

It was great to see Panama's emerging accessories designers in the flesh at the stands of Macrofest's Popshop. Having only seen part of their collections in boutiques or shows, it was a treat for everyone to get to meet them and see much more of their ranges. 20140319-145312.jpg

Newbe, MSM BROS is the brainchild of Nathalie Romero and these mini caps are halfway between a hat and a fascinator. The hair accessory par excellence to get noticed in, they can even copy your FAVOURITE graphics too! I could definitely see it go unisex. There are a hell of a lot of hipsters out there who might fancy downsizing to this little manny...and maybe a couple of city boys too!


Jade Luna is a handcrafted jewellery brand that only uses Jade and 925 silver. In Latin America, the semi-precious Jade is deeply rooted in the Mayan culture and the girls create beautiful individual designs from 20 available colours that are wearable and unique.


Susie Davila's hats and clutches are in most boutiques in Panama City. The Beach, Fedora, and Panama hats and bags are handcrafted, hand sewn, decorated and embroidered. They are unique products that utilise Susie's eye for colour and design together with the Panamanian molas of Mr. Evencio Ortiz, a Kuna Yala craftsman. She also uses the molas of 'The House of Wisdom' women from the Morti town via a fashion-led project called  'Chispas de Amo'.


Wonkcreations jewellery is another new Venezuelan designer label hitting Panama City. Her bold and unique designs layer her own individuality into each piece. Her earrings feature fantastic colour schemes worked into a traditional ethnic design. Love!


Mel's Collection by Melanie Amaya has definitely got to be the ideal accessory for the beach. You can scrunch it up to fit into the tiniest beach bag and wear it as part of a glorious bathing look. It's also amazing for lifting the eyes away from the hips or any other part of your body that you might just wince at in front of a mirror. OMG, that's just reminded me that it's going to be that time of the year again, so definitely stocking up on Melanie's pieces NOW is a very good idea. image