I remember being party to a conversation between two boys in Panama. They were talking about their unruly hair and how it had a mind of its own, how and what oil to use and whether it was just easier to flippin' cut the whole thing off. Yep, it's tempting, I know. 20140402-182026.jpg As I pointed out to them, it's not quite the same, but with me, it's colour and tinting that drive me mad sometimes as I wake each day to see the red fading and my own colour coming back. ADD to that the climate zone of whatever part of the world I am travelling in, and KAPUNG - a mess! Then there are some women that I look at in awe. Even their bed hair looks incredibly sexy, even moreish - ahhh, that's not me! In fact, my hair has been a constant point of reference to my mood, sometimes due to my pathetic female heart issues, I have been seconds away - like the boys - to taking the scissors to myself in what could only be a total Joan of Arc look - my friends will tell you that I have done it before, but certainly not for a while. 20140402-182155.jpg Then there are some days when I get to have my hair done by special people and I am happy and the sun shines on my crown in a wondrous way. Today was one such day at Barney Martin Hair. The salon opened in 2004 with a small team of multi-cultural and multi-dimensional talent. They revamped in 2010 to meet the demand of their ever-growing customer base that is hungry for their expertise in combining catwalk and celebrity trends to make something that’s inspired, finely tailored and uniquely adapted for each and every person that walks in through their doors - including me! 20140402-182305.jpg I was immediately taken in hand by a softly spoken Irish head colourist, Stephanie (above and the best), who magicked my lacklustre locks into something not far from being as exciting as Jessica Rabbit, using Wella colour 6/45 and 9% with colour fresh 7/44 for extra tone and gloss. I was in heaven... Add to that, I was given a mini trim by Barney himself! I walked out on cloud ecstasy, ready to confront the world and all my demons! YEAH BABY. 20140402-182903.jpg