Finds from MBFWA - PALA - Jewellery by Shuri

There is something interestingly urchin and sea like about the above piece. It draws you towards it and yet there is a painful feeling mixed up in it somewhere! Anyhow, it definitely caught my eye. Which was great because after pathetically getting lost (my photographer and I) at the Pullman Hotel – the site of the Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Australia showrooms, which really was not prepared for fashion or anything whatsoever related to it, we certainly needed a good pick me up!


Meeting Shuri , Pala's creative director was a bit of a bonus as she had just flown in from Japan with her pieces and was setting up at the hotel room of Solewrap that was preparing for a week-long emerging designer showcase.


Ring from the melt collection.

Shuri makes the backs of her rings square. Not just to be different but for a reason: size, shape, fit. Actually, I’d never noticed before, but it does stylize your finger. It even makes it appear longer and allows for a bigger stone as it sort of hovers. In addition to her special competitively priced five-piece Australian collection in silver and gold plate, she showed us pieces from her mainline collection. DANCE, MELT, PALARISE, PANDRA (cuff above) and Infinita (the most expensive diamond and a unisex one).


Of course a lot of her work is commissioned and some of her lines have developed from the thinking behind the work for her private clients.


Ear cuff part of the Australian collection.


Having feasted on jewellery we returned back to reality and the Pullman hotel reception bumping into a fashionista who pointed us to Gene (tucked away around a corner). The showroom assistant was a darling and put everything immediately right by filling us in with showroom details, press releases, look books and more. NOW WASN’T THAT EASY. Why didn’t the reception desk just point us THERE?