Tattoos? For me it's got to be TANTOOS - Part 2

I have really been thinking hard about all of the benefits. I mean white skin can look rather beautiful if you're that Dita Von Teese type of white, but then most of us aren't, really. So I am really liking tantoos to detract from the uber whiteness of the first exodus poolside. Also, it's eye-catching and although you have got tattoo pens and henna, I am not sure why, but I find this infinitely more interesting and probably it doesn't rub off if you perspire!


Do you do each design personally and how long does it take?

So far I’ve created a couple of tantoos, and the time it takes depends on how intricate the design is. The design you can see on the model in these pictures took around six hours to complete, but that’s because it was a whole-body design. I like to create the outline of the design first, and then build up layers of tan to create depth and tone.

If someone was looking for a more simple design and on a smaller area, the tantoo could potentially be completed in under an hour.

Can you see yourself doing a template of different pieces in order to be able to let more people enjoy your art?

I’d love more people to be able to experience tantoos. There are so many people who regret having real tattoos done, so it’s nice to offer a temporary alternative for people who just want to experiment with body art, or to wear a design for a particular event.

I’d love to work with TanOrganic in the future to help promote their message of ‘the art of safe tanning,’ so I’d be more than happy to create some design templates if the desire was there, for people to create their own tantoos at home.

Utilising an organic tanning lotion as your medium means you really care about the body. Is this something you have always worried about?

I think it’s really important to look after yourself. I always try to use natural products where possible, because anything you put onto your skin will be partly absorbed into the bloodstream, so I think it’s best to avoid synthetic chemicals if you can.

I guess you could also say I’m typically British in that I have light skin and hair, which means I’ve never really been a sun worshipper anyway. I’m from a generation that has been educated on the dangers of sun exposure, but I still think too many people my age are ignoring the warnings. Hopefully my work with TanOrganic will get the message out to more teenagers and young people that it’s really not cool to frazzle in the sun! I don’t want to look wrinkly when I’m older, or worse develop skin cancer.

Did you try a lot of brands before settling with this one?

Because I was approached by TanOrganic, I’ve only used their brand. But there aren’t many natural tanning products on the market anyway, and I don’t think I’d ever be tempted to use a synthetic product.

I know you're in the middle of art exams. What are you planning to do after you finish? Do you see this as a sideline or something you will develop?

I’d like to study an art foundation course to develop my skills further, but I’m definitely hoping to work with TanOrganic again. I’d like to carry on creating tantoos as a sideline, definitely. I may even set up my own tantoo studio one day, who knows!


One thing's for sure, it's going to be less painful then the above?! Oh horrors!