Astral is a bit like my unsung hero, and I don't really want to sound cliché so I will race through all I have put it through. It really can be used as a night cream, a make-up remover, to give your legs a shine for beach body confidence (often done by models on the catwalk), to soothe cracked heals, as a daily face cream, as an after-sun balm and post-pool chlorine soother (I really, really suffer with that) and that's just me. I am sure there is MORE that Astral can be used for!20140513-152901.jpg

It's been around since the 1950s and it hasn't changed its formula since. I guess when something works, why change it?

It comes in a 50ml ‘handbag pot’, which is perfect for on-the-go indulgence (£1.52) and it's perfect for me for travelling. In fact I am not the only one and I recently saw the following celeb endorsements:


Joanna Lumley says, “ I've used it for over 35 years and it just works for me. I also use lashings of Astral moisturiser to take off make-up. I travel everywhere with a little pot of Astral in my bag."

Noisettes front woman Shingai Shoniwa says, “After the shower I'll apply Astral cream to every crack and corner - it's my ultimate bargain buy! The lotion is like a snack for my skin.”

I have used it for the very same things so I guess really we all have same needs when we're travelling...and Astral is just that kind of guy.

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