Trousers have got to be the real me and out of them all, jeans just work in my life. Being a girly girl, jeans are the freedom of running, sitting, getting in and out of cars, on and off planes, trains, bikes - that is liberating, without showing any inch of flesh, except the ankle of course! I know lots of girls do the same in skirts but I, and a lot of us ladies, can't!

Since jeans are one of my FAVOURITE clothing items, I have studied them carefully - looking at the shapes of a lot of woman wearing them and making my own styling rules.


I think one of the first things to do is one of those dreadful Gok Wan 'get naked in front of the mirror'! Now I am not a particular lover of the shape table, we're all so individual, and I personally am not 100% straight. I do have hips, but one does lean more to a certain type...and come on there is no perfect body, except your own.


1. Pear - small waist, with hips greater than the bust measurement, fuller bottom and thighs. Literally the most common shape.


2. Hourglass (curvy) - bust and hips are roughly the same size with a defined waist. Lucky you!


3. Boyish - small bust, undefined waist and narrow hips.


4. Apple - slim legs and bottom but carrying weight around the middle.

Like everything in life, it's about balancing and of course a bit of fashion. In the Northern Hemisphere the slimmer and longer silhouette is what's more adored and in the Southern Hemisphere it's more curvy, and the hourglass and pear shape are HOT, HOT, HOT! I think it might be a bit de trop to change an entire hemisphere's views.

And of course don't think you are a mutant if you're bit of both - there are lots of us around...

But once you've decided what shape you are most, we can sort out what could work best. Let me know if you need assistance.