With the onslaught of the revamped SS15 version of the Jesus creeper , it was just lucky that at London Collections: Men, most guys decided to wear theirs with socks, and hopefully some of those socks were ITEM m6 (the ones worn on the Agi & Adam catwalk). But, unfortunately I did see a couple of exceptions and they were pretty horrific! Why men still believe they're immune to the whole grooming process beats me. To be fair, at LC:M most men that displayed their feet were pretty immaculate and of course that does include the superbly polished buffed up catwalk models in their KTZ-designed sandals.


Of course few men can admit to pedicures, and a chiropodist sounds far too like an operation. So, I think that something like Wood Knit Bee's Tilia Beeswax Ointment, which is just a combo of natural beeswax and organic high-quality pressed virgin olive oil, is sandal perfect. The product is made especially for burns, insect bites, chapped lips and dry skin and is brilliant for sensitive skin, and as far as I am concerned, anyone with a penchant to get beard rash or uber dry heels.

A multi-use cream, it's perfect for boys because it can be used in so many ways and because of the wax, it's got a bit of manlyish feel!