So I’ve got it now! I read about Scarlett of Soho’s offer at £97 for prescription glasses (extremely cheap) and I hadn’t really been that wowed; but after being stuck for three days on the trot in a blazing sunny London, riding and driving it finally twigged. Especially since they do a really cool six-piece sun selection with prescription at £147 (shockingly good value).

Of course, one only thinks of these good ideas when you’re at home tired, pouring Optrex into your eyes like gasoline! But Scarlett of Soho send you four glasses for home trial, allowing you to return the ones you’re not interested in. So you can pimp and preen in front of the mirror as much as you like, as well as try with various outfits and swimwear. Terribly good plan!

Inspired by 18th century British eyewear craftsman and designed with the finer details in mind, Scarlett of Soho offers refreshingly affordable unisex frames that are pretty much classic. The frames are hand finished using the highest quality Italian Mazuchelli cellulose acetate – each sheet is subtly different, hence no two frames are exactly the same. Also if you’re really fancying a bit of inspiration on a bland day each frame is inscribed with a thought such as ‘Embody Grace’, ‘Soldier On’ and ‘Design Matters’.

Of course, we all have our FAVOURITE and mine has got to be the ones above which will work a treat not only with my riding gear but also my Mama Maria swimwear. At least I’ll be able to figure where the waiter is to order my poolside Aperol Spritz! Roll on summer….