Studio54Tenerife - the shoot..

I have always been a great fan of any interiors that are themed. Part of the fun of travelling around the world for fashion has been staying in cool places that make you dream of being somebody else.  'dépaysement' a french word, and sort of untranslatable says it all. made now 2

In fact my favourite places all seem to follow a blueprint. Good and friendly staff, immaculately clean, lots of art, music and an interior  theme which verges a little on boho..

made now 5

When I was asked to do up an apartment as  a pilot  for a slightly  tired 3 star aparthotel in Tenerife, I jumped at the opportunity. Possibly a little to0 quickly!  I thought it would take 6 weeks, but working in a different country is an eyeopener..

made now 6

Anyhow its finished and totally novel in concept.  The first clients to stay were the Made Now Magazine team, that took the opportunity to shoot one of their editorials at the apartment .. Sensational is probably a word  not even big enough for the outcome of the shoot.

Made Now Magazine -' making of '