So I’ve got it now! I read about Scarlett of Soho’s offer at £97 for prescription glasses (extremely cheap) and I hadn’t really been that wowed; but after being stuck for three days on the trot in a blazing sunny London, riding and driving it finally twigged. Especially since they do a really cool six-piece sun selection with prescription at £147 (shockingly good value).

Of course, one only thinks of these good ideas when you’re at home tired, pouring Optrex into your eyes like gasoline! But Scarlett of Soho send you four glasses for home trial, allowing you to return the ones you’re not interested in. So you can pimp and preen in front of the mirror as much as you like, as well as try with various outfits and swimwear. Terribly good plan!

Inspired by 18th century British eyewear craftsman and designed with the finer details in mind, Scarlett of Soho offers refreshingly affordable unisex frames that are pretty much classic. The frames are hand finished using the highest quality Italian Mazuchelli cellulose acetate – each sheet is subtly different, hence no two frames are exactly the same. Also if you’re really fancying a bit of inspiration on a bland day each frame is inscribed with a thought such as ‘Embody Grace’, ‘Soldier On’ and ‘Design Matters’.

Of course, we all have our FAVOURITE and mine has got to be the ones above which will work a treat not only with my riding gear but also my Mama Maria swimwear. At least I’ll be able to figure where the waiter is to order my poolside Aperol Spritz! Roll on summer….


For all of you that went, "Oh no, I forgot THE birthday," you share one thing in common with ME: The 'putting off' present - the present you forget to buy because you just have no idea what to buy!

This happened to me the other day when all the press surrounding the birthday of Prince George jogged my travel-lagged and fashion shoot-packed memory. My frightful mistake was that despite the 50 thousand reminders and million opportunities, I just had plain blankly forgotten all about the whole flipping day of birth. UGH. How on earth was I going to make up for it?


Help luckily came through a boyfriend that pointed me in the direction of BabyBlooms' marvelous website. A family run business and the brainchild of mum-of-two Lisa Roberts, who pioneered the concept in the UK as an alternative to sending traditional fresh flowers, which sometimes get left behind at the hospital in the rush to get the baby home.


All of the bouquets are handmade and designed in the UK by BabyBlooms’ team of mums. They consist of the finest quality cotton baby clothes mixed with contemporary silk flowers in a selection of colours: Hydrangea Blue, Vintage Pink and Classic White, in a selection of sizes to suit every budget and new arrival. Beautifully packaged in a stylish box, the parent receives quality clothes for their little one, a bunch of silk flowers they can keep forever and a keepsake box.


Of course by the time my present got sent I already knew it wasn't twins or a girl, but a beautiful baby boy...and my little orange sunflower tee went perfectly with SS14 colour predictions of orange to boot.

Luckily the mother knows my globetrotting ways and was thrilled with such an original present!

Thank you so much BabyBlooms!


Is there any thing more romantic than a turret (Rapunzel-esque) situated somewhere that evokes, bohemian laughter, history and elegance – like the Marais, Paris? I think not. Place this secret spot with perfumes and jewels so fine that you become light headed. Such is the studio of Olivier Durbano. In which I spent a couple of hours indulging my senses and leaving the hectic REAL WORLD of the expo salons.


To put Olivier in a box is impossible. How can you? Stones live in him and he makes them into perfume and poetry. When he explains this holistic approach to me it really becomes a reality. However sometimes in the cold light of day when I am alone it doesn’t work... And just seems an impossible fantasy.


‘The stone can transform itself into a stone of passion, or patience, or love. It carries within it a history, even legends, it can be evocative or symbolic. It is a one off, always unique and it always speaks.’

A universe where drawings and images, become superimposed, here and now, maybe even elsewhere and sometimes from a long time ago. It is then that stones become scent.

In 2005, Olivier imagined a collection of ‘Parfums de Pierres Poèmes’.
 Pushing his inspiration through their meanings and symbolism, a history then begins that becomes written with the artists own rhythm year-on-year.


The first stone to be picked was the ‘Crystal de Roche’ (rock crystal), a stone that like incense has been linked to purity and a connection between man and God.
 A way of life evolves, enigmatic, enclosed by the myth of the stones and the magic of incense. After the rock crystal, it’s the turn of the tourmaline noire, then jade, turquoise, rose quartz, followed by citrine and heliotrope. Last year it was the ‘Lapis Philosophorum’ (the philosopher’s stone). This year Olivier isn’t saying so I’ll just have to wait until September to see and feel it.

Oliver Durbanno will be in London in November with his 10th magical scent!


With the onslaught of the revamped SS15 version of the Jesus creeper , it was just lucky that at London Collections: Men, most guys decided to wear theirs with socks, and hopefully some of those socks were ITEM m6 (the ones worn on the Agi & Adam catwalk). But, unfortunately I did see a couple of exceptions and they were pretty horrific! Why men still believe they're immune to the whole grooming process beats me. To be fair, at LC:M most men that displayed their feet were pretty immaculate and of course that does include the superbly polished buffed up catwalk models in their KTZ-designed sandals.


Of course few men can admit to pedicures, and a chiropodist sounds far too like an operation. So, I think that something like Wood Knit Bee's Tilia Beeswax Ointment, which is just a combo of natural beeswax and organic high-quality pressed virgin olive oil, is sandal perfect. The product is made especially for burns, insect bites, chapped lips and dry skin and is brilliant for sensitive skin, and as far as I am concerned, anyone with a penchant to get beard rash or uber dry heels.

A multi-use cream, it's perfect for boys because it can be used in so many ways and because of the wax, it's got a bit of manlyish feel!