Boys toys - Premier Motor group brings Jaguar XE to Panama City

So its up on every guys wish list . Its the dream car par excellence ..... Jaguar F_DSC0298

When I was a child my mother  for a while had  a yellow E-type Jaguar, to say it turned heads is an understatement. She found it difficult to park, and it certainly  was ghastly for us jam packed in the back with bulky school kit, but mother certainly loved the attention and yes it was sooo beautiful.



This week Premier Motor group unveiled in Panama City  the new Jaguar XE to a host of excited fashionistas, would be clients and dignitaries, at the Restaurante Caliope.


So whats all the excitement about? .... well.. its like this , six years ago Jaguar brought out an X-type ,  for a prod into a  market  which is literally dominated by the Germans, particularly the BMW 3 series  and  Mercedes C class.The X-type sort of didn't work and they discontinued it. But now with the Jaguar XE things have certainly changed, Jaguar   has come up with a proper, rear-wheel-drive car  with a lightweight aluminium body that's compact and looks really good.  With worldwide reviewers giving it the thumbs up - it looks like Jaguar is onto a winner in the segment.


It might not be as head turning as the E type but its certainly going to get you noticed!!!


Photos Romina Maio for MsCastroRides


CARAT LONDON on the red carpet at British Academy Television Awards

The Arqiva British Academy Television Awards will take place on Sunday 18 May 2014. So it was really exciting to get invited to the Red Carpet Masterclass to get a sneak preview of this year's red carpet style and of course the bling-bling sparkling jewellery. 20140426-100454.jpg

In fact Carat London is a diamond simulant company, but the stones are so brilliantly crafted you really can't spot the difference, unless you take out the 10x magnifying kit, but is anybody that extreme?

Mo Mohensin, as a frequent red carpet hopper, took us through the jewellery trends for the BIG DAY. Coloured jewellery has become huge on red carpets, and Carat's Regent collection - earrings seen on model above - is a perfect example.


Jewellery should be all about escapism. You don't really have to follow trends with jewellery, but as Mo said, 'Canary yellows, emeralds and rubies have become very popular'. The best bit of course is that jewellery is the perfect thing to accessories a simpler dress at the awards. Also the price range is not extortionate (model's necklace is £530, earrings are £450 and ring is £350), which means you would not A) be terrified of loosing it and, B) not have to have a bodyguard following you everywhere, even into the loo, at the awards. Flipping heck. I guess that really is behind-the-scenes stuff. I am not sure I would want that kind of following around, no matter how BIG the bauble!

20140426-102102.jpg So, when Mo pronounced, ' you could also go swimming in most of the items if you so wish,' that was it. I was away in the land of total escapism - pool, champagne, a of couple vintage swimwear pieces, DEFINTELY a ROSA LA CAVE piece...and?

And well yes, I totally agree with your motto, Mo: 'Go big or go home.'

Hanro and a 130-year itch

Did you know that the knickers Marilyn Monroe flashed for the infamous 'white dress’ shot for The Seven Year Itch were HANRO? That has got to be the most iconic and sexy movie photograph of all time! Well, I didn't know. In fact, HANRO is 130-years-old in 2014. That is amazing for this 'dame' of the lingerie world who still looks after the smalls of hoards of ladies.


There seems to be an ever-ongoing stream of celebrities in their first UK store, located at 6 South Molton Street in London. Made in Chelsea star Rosie Fortescue (seen above) opted for the slinky nightgowns and lace bras - actually in my totally brash manner, I was going to go up and congratulate her on her choice. I am not sure a woman wants to be harassed whilst shopping for lingerie. I don't.

I really have rather fallen in love with HANRO's screen siren piece, which matches the gown (below).


Emelia Fox, heavily pregnant TV presenter, Laura Hamilton and Tudors star Anna Brewster were just some of the glamorous guests shopping for a mix of their favourite lingerie and loungewear.

But it's when Honor Blackman hit the minute boutique (it's only 35 sqm big) that things really got paparazzi crazy. It was champagne, glitz and 007 all around, and of course we chatted about the sexiest of all Bonds, as you do! Honor has long been a fan of the brand and arrived after filming to shop. That's just got to be my kind of lady!



  Die ‘Life On Mars’ Frühling/Sommer 2014 Kollektion von Alice Palmer hat mich umgeworfen, mit einer kosmischen Explosion von Farbe und Muster auf Strickmode. Sie wurde von den Superhero Kostümen der DC und Marvel Comics inspiriert und ihr psychedelischer All-in-One erinnert mich an ‘David Bowie’ - und an einem grauen, kalten Tag, wie heute, muntert es auf! Das Scottish Fashion Award Gremium sieht es wohl genauso und haben sie deshalb mit dieser wohlverdienten Auszeichnung belohnt!

"AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!" -Captain America



Die weltberühmte, niederländische Firma, Moooi, wandelte ein eindrucksvoller Raum von 1,700 m2 in eine beeindruckende Sammlung von bunten Wohnbereichen um, mit Ausstellungen von neuen Produkten.

Marcel Wanders, künstlerischer Leiter und Gründer der Firma Moooi, hat tatsächlich die ganze Ausstellung der Arbeit vom Fotografen, Erwin Olaf, gewidmet.

Die Fotografie in Grossformat ist erstaunlich,, vorallem wenn es umwerfende 4, 5meter hoch ist! Damit leben ist vielleicht nicht ganz meins…aber da gibt es doch noch etwas kleines … DAS MOTORRAD…DIE FARBE…DAS GEFÄLLT MIR!

Foto von der italienischen Biker Legende Miriam Orlandi