The Beast gets a hiccup!

20120222-093102.jpg 20120222-093217.jpg

The Beast started whining and whirring as we arrived into Atenas, Costa Rica. Of course I reckoned he just needed a break; after all this BMW 1989 R100 GS has carried Mr. P through 33 countries and over 30,000 miles!  Although, The Beast has now earned Panamanian residency and relaxes for 5 months of the year, the poor chap has been ridden relentlessly over the last couple of days in mind boggling heat! Even with a nights rest his discomfort was still apparent and Mr. P went in for a closer look. After having discovered the noise coming from the electronics under the petrol tank, Operation Motor got underway with a faulty relay unit being identified. Wanting confirmation from his mechanical team at Wollaston Motors Northampton, Mr. P Skyped Richard Higgs (the same, who identified a motor fault listening to the sound, from a phone call placed from Pakistan) for confirmation! A failing indicator relay unit confirmed as the culprit, we all breathed a sigh of relief. In a country where indicators are hardly used at any time, the problem became a minor one and we set off to San Jose to search for a tyre! Poor, poor Beasty!