Sticker supremo Meyler Avilers turns it around in 15 minutes flat!

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The Beast always gets a sticker when he has been in a new country, and although he's been in Costa Rica once before, he has nothing to show for it. Having stopped in auto shops, bookstores, hotels and even the odd souvenir shop along the way, there was no finding one! So, in the sweltering heat of the border town of Paso Canoas, it became my mission. Finally, a couple of recommendations later, we ended up at Meyler's Graphic shop. Now, Mr. P is not the most patient of people especially when it's not directly related to food, but worse still when his humour has been tried by an insect sting on his cheek though his semi-open visor the day before. But Meyler's very pretty manner and calm assurance that the job would get done pronto won the day! Paso Canoas is hickeldy pickeldy with mechanic workshop and food stores - not my kind of place, so a little bit of design calm and Euro chat was just the tonic required. Definitely Meyler is the fastest, most imaginative graphic designer combo I have ever seen and the promised sticker was delivered on time at bargain price!