Foray into the DARK SIDE- at Bike Week Panama

20120403-191532.jpg When Mr. P mentioned a bikers meet, which he was planning to attend with his NBF, I didn't get too excited. When he mentioned that he had just registered at Hooters and bumped into a priest doing the same, my curiosity got the better of me!

Harley's, motorbikes and religion don't really fit into the same breath...SO, I JUST HAD TO GO ALONG!

Convening at the luxe star Miramar Hotel at 9:00am on Saturday morning seemed ok enough, although being hit with HIGH ENERGY DRINKS...maybe not. Even if the 150 or so bikes weren't eyecandy enough for even the most seasoned of riders, the cavalcade of that many bikes riding through Panama City onto The Bridge of the Americas and the Panamanian Highway to Punta Chame certainly was!

There was the odd Miss Biker Girl Competition and the suspect 'Bon Jovi' tribute band, but there were a couple of fashion moments and although there aren't many women riders amongst the 15 chapters in Panama, they were terribly kind and welcoming to me as a newbie outsider!

And by the time we hit Bamboo in Zona Viva at 10pm, I could feel myself really getting into...Born to be Wild with the best of them!